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We all share a planet that is repeatedly shattered by human tragedies. Each and every tremor at the far end of the world is an apocalypse for thousands of people whose lives are often threatened by the vagaries and whims of a hard climate. Even the small funds this compilation might raise could help a […]

Over three years in the making, Electro Aggression Records is ready to release the much talked about compilation, “Old School Electrology Vol.1”: Finally every old school fan’s dream come true: classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours of STELLAR old school pleasure! After the success of […]

Anyone up for a nice weekend of relaxation and good EBM in Germany this July? Well, if it weren’t for the the insane cost of a flight there, I would! The line-up for this years Familientreffen V looks to be a great one.Some great’s like Parade Ground, and A Split Second and then add all […]

After reaching the top and holding the DAC (German Alternative Charts) with their first album, on September 11th, 2008 the New York (USA) based band FGFC820 released information about their next album. “Law & Ordnance” is the title. To be released by¬† NoiTekk(Germany), COP International(N. America) & Gravitator!(Russia) in the fall of this year. No […]