Elite! is exactly what it say it is: ELITE!

This France based old school EBM act presents more DAF and Nitzer Ebb style the way it was back in its glory days, than most today’s bands do. Especially early DAF influence is more rare in modern EBM, but Elite! proves that wrong through such stand-out tracks as Harte Liebe and Mein Mädchen. You can hear those and other songs on Elite! Myspace.

Totenkopf cover

Today is when a new release from this project sees daylight. Entitled “Totenkopf” it presents 12 tracks, including remixes by EkoBrottsMyndigheten and Frontal. As the other two Elite! albums, this once consists of music that ranges from fast energetic punk to more hard beating straight old school EBM, and a few slower slightly atmospheric tracks.

You can preview “Totenkopf” and buy it (and the other two albums) from Black Montana label.


From The BBC News:

One of the two original co-founders of the pioneering German electronic group Kraftwerk has left the band, according to a post on its official fan website.

“Florian Schneider leaves Kraftwerk after a 40 years [sic] partnership with Ralf Hutter,” the message reads.

The post continues: “This partnership has generated an incredible music [sic] and huge advances in music technology.”

Founded in 1970, Kraftwerk are best known for their number one hit The Model and 22-minute track Autobahn.

Notoriously reclusive, the iconic band operate out of a Dusseldorf studio that is said to have no telephone, fax or reception.

Schneider’s departure will not affect Kraftwerk’s plans to support Radiohead in South America in March.

A concert in Australia last November was called off after another band member, Fritz Hilpert, reportedly suffered a heart attack.

Anyone up for a nice weekend of relaxation and good EBM in Germany this July? Well, if it weren’t for the the insane cost of a flight there, I would! The line-up for this years Familientreffen V looks to be a great one.Some great’s like Parade Ground, and A Split Second and then add all the great new bands. So much EBM greatness on one stage…

This is an out-door festival and will take place in Sandersleben, Germany on July 24-26, 2009. Visit Electric Tremor for more details.

JÄGER 90 (D)

Supporting DJ’s:


After the success of Grandchaos “In Sedens” EP DCD, Electro Aggression Records (EAR) proudly presents “Old School Electrology Vol. 1” 4-CD Box-Set, a relentless “shock & awe” electro assault featuring 70 all exclusive tracks earlogo2and 6 exclusive remixes by la crème de le crème of the old school scene. Tentative release date: late May 09.


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kraftwerkThis past weekend Kraftwerk were forced to cancel their Melbourne, Australia show when Fritz Hilpert suffered a minor heart attack, according to a contact at EMI. fritzApparently feeling unwell in the minutes before the performance, Hilpert underwent an on site medical examination and was advised to check into the hospital. Though hospitalized that night, Fritz and the gang returned to the stage the following day to perform at the Global Gathering event in Perth. As of yet the band has not canceled any other shows.
Kraftwerk have released no official statement.


K-BEREITFrench EBM act, K-BEREIT has announced that SA42 will make a guest appearance on their new album. K-BEREIT (Formerly of Kreigbereit & Cobalt 60). K-BEREIT / SA42The K-BEREIT album called, “Distort Neural Unit” and will be released on the label, Sigsaly Transmissions. Also appearing the album will be Mika Rossi of Autodafeh, Under All, Psychosomatik, Miss Z of Punish Yourself, Olivier of Dolls Of Pain…K-B BBQ


V2A, an EBM-Electro band from the UK recently signed to the German record label Biohazzard Records (A sub-label of Danse Macabre). Biohazzard Records

The band recently announced a new album to be called, “Mechanized Infantry” which they plan to release in February 2009.

V2A will also be performing live at Elekktroshokk Festival in Germany, April 18th, 2009. More tour dates pending.

EBMunited.com recently had an interview with Mattias of the Swedish EBM act, SPARK!


EBMu: Before we focus on the band, tell us a little about yourselves. Tell us about your history, who are you and what makes you who you are?

Mattias: We both grow up in a small town. Both in working class families. We often discuss old memories and experiences from our childhood, and how everything has shaped ourselves and our personalities.

EBMu: How & why did you guys start the band?

Mattias: We always talked about doing something together, and when we finally did, we really were satisfied with the result. We had our own sound. That’s what was important to us. We didn’t want to sound like another Nitzer Ebb or DAF clone. That has been done.

EBMu: How did you come up with the name SPARK!?

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container 90 - world championshit

Container 90 - 'World ChampionShit" (OUT318)
Label: Out Of Line
Released: October 24th, 2008

Where to start…? Well, I would start with, “HELL YES!!” As the first track says, “Strength Through EBM”. This album delivers it pure and true. While some may argue that Container 90 is not really EBM, if you compare it to the EBM forefathers. However, if you mix some old-school punk with old-school EBM in a blender at high speed and you end up with Container 90 all over your walls. This is an album that would appeal to both worlds. “World ChampionShit” brings humor, anger and good fun to your ears. You will want to break out the Doc Martins, put your hands behind your back and start stomping.

Every song on this release is completely unique and a new piece of ear candy. With samples here and there including a few from one of my personal favorite movies, “The Blues Brothers”.  These men touch real subjects such as racism, work, the music industry, drunks, fighting, and parties…music with meaning and purpose.c90finger

I highly recommend this album to everyone and I mean the whole album… not just a few mp3 tracks. You need to buy his CD. Just another “old school” thin about this album is that the album is only complete as a whole.  Once you stick it in your “old-school” CD player and listen to the entire album, you will be hooked and play it over and over.

“I hate Illinois Nazi’s!”

Turnbull A.C.'s - "Let's Get Pissed" (OUT302)
Label: Out Of Line
Released: June 13th, 2008
3.5 Stars

Turnbull A.C.’s, as you may recall, was one of the infamous street gangs from the cult classic film, “The Warriors”. It sure is a fitting name in that, Pontus Stålberg (Spetsnaz) and Lars Karlsson bring us a hard hitting full frontal attack of vocals and pure EBM rhythms. The album is excellently produced with crisp and clean production. The CD art is quite impressive as well, and the insert comes with all the lyrics for those of you that love to sing along.

The Turnbull A.C’s are a bit more aggressive than Spetnaz but not all that new though. So don’t expect any radical changes or new directions. The album has some really fun and catchy tracks that will make you want to hold your Jagermeister high and sign along. However, I found much of the album to be a bit boring and If if I close my eyes I would swear i was listening to Nitzer Ebb’s “Showtime”. While the album has all the hallmarks of today’s EBM sounds it still suffers a bit of having every track sounding just like the last. There are a few stand out songs, “We Can Drink Without Having Fun” is as you would surmise from the title, a fun song for a good ole’ EBM party. “Rejected” is a more danceable club style track, that is catchy and will get you moving in your office cubicle. One of my personal favorites is “Twisted”, this track has some substance to it with a more vocal range.

This may not be my favorite album of 2008, it is a clear leader in the EBM Front and deserves the full support of the EBM world. And all said, I am sure the Turnbull A.C’s would kick some asses live!