What is EBMUnited.com?

EBM United! is a Blog based RSS News feed related to the Electronic Body Music movement. We support all forms of EBM. Including old-school, new-school, Anhalt, Elecro-Punk, etc… we also include the genre’s closely related.

What is EBM?

If you ask 5 people, you will likely get 5 different answers.  The topic is so disputed, fights break out! There is even an ongoing debate about it at Wikipedia. [see link]

Info for Labels/Promoters/Artists/Band

We are happy to post news related to your projects, gigs, etc.. we will also review releases free of charge.  Just send us your News items, new releases or digital music files to:

info [at] ebmunited [dot] com

Please include photos or any other relevant info so we don’t have to search for it and will not delay your news.


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