Electronic Aid To Haiti


We all share a planet that is repeatedly shattered by human tragedies. Each and every tremor at the far end of the world is an apocalypse for thousands of people whose lives are often threatened by the vagaries and whims of a hard climate. Even the small funds this compilation might raise could help a number of Haitians. If some relief can be brought, however slightly,to some and help them rebuild their lives, then this project will not have been in vain.
Army of shadows, you can take part in the international support to Haiti in your own way. All the profits generated by the internet sales of this electro-industrial music anthology will be donated to the Red Cross (Croix Rouge) to aid victims of the disaster.

The purpose of this anthology is to raise some funds for the Red Cross and support their dedication to the Haiti earthquake victims.Any piracy, copying or unauthorized remote loading of this compilation on P2P sites would be selfish and mindless. Neither the label nor the bands will get any profits from this project… So please purchase this album and help those in need. .

El objetivo de esta recopilacion es de recojer dinero para La Cruz Roja que actua en HAÏTI, bajando esta collecion masiva de temas electro industriales y EBM podeis ayudar a los que màs lo necesitan.
El sello americano Sigsaly Transmissions records se ha propuesto distribuir en su pagina web los 54 temas que han sido ofrecido por las mejores bandas de la escena underground europea y grupos mucho màs conocidos.

A l’initiative d’une poignée de musiciens de la scéne electronique underground francaise une compilation digitale visant à récolter des fonds pour l’action de LA CROIX ROUGE en HAITI a réuni non moins d’une cinquantaine de groupes de la scéne electro-industrielle (dont certaines figures majeures comme Front 242 ou le chanteur de Nitzer Ebb, première partie de la tournée actuelle de Depeche Mode). Tous ont offert un titre inédit ou un remix pour soutenir ce projet caritatif..


01 CHEERLEADER 69 – ogoun
02 SHIZUKA_des singes
03 DENOVO_smashed down the wall
04 KUB_dark star
05 AB OVO_reminder
06 HIV+_sous le ciel (vocal pop 2010)
07 TEENAGE SIN TASTE_crash(ed)
08 BRAIN LEISURE_mr dean
09 SKOYZ_waste
10 FRONT 242_ quite unusual (live)
11 PSYCHE_unveiling the secret (back to the future by DIE-6 vs GEISTFORM)
12 MISSING IN ACTION_faith healer (People Theatre’s charity mix)
13 FORETASTE_anachronic (blue eyes rmx by Substate)
14 AD:KEY_alte geister (vorwaerts mix)
15 FIXMER MCCARTHY_drive (live)
16 LEAETHER STRIP_closer to the pulse beat
17 VOID KAMPF_steel stahl (Vocal Choir Mix by Code Machine)
18 BAK XIII_we are alive
19 DOLLS OF PAIN_lobotomy (exit version)
20 DARKMEN_Angel Eyes (Forgotten Sunrise Remix)
22 K-BEREIT_acid rain (Altern-Haiti-Ve)
23 AUTODAFEH_ no shelter (wobbler mix)
24 PSYCHOSOMATIK_better (extended version)
25 LA MAGRA_angels descending (Nephilim remix)
26 SOLVO PROPANE_shock wave
27 PUNISH YOURSELF_we shall be the new messiah (live) feat Ecstatic
28 VADI STARH FEAT. FFA _human error
29 NEON RAIN_sons of the earth
30 SIDE BODY_whispered cries
31 MAURI_son prenom est…(pt.II)
32 PHLLOX_break the code (Laura Palmer reloaded edit)
33 ELECTRIC PRESS KIT_this night (Night mix by -K-)
34 DARK SOUL_zoomb
35 OPERATION OF THE SUN_ radioactivity (Kraftwerk cover)
36 LAAG_red drops
37 BUZZ_vision d’une autre industrie
38 POPOI SDIOH_psychogame_SalenicoRemix
39 NORMOTONE_black horses of destruction feat. VX69
40 ISZOLOSCOPE_the unsettled (glimpses of hell)
41 ANAMORPHOSIS_ Sad garden
42 DATARAPER_give me a sign
43 T3RR0R 3RR0R_insomnia
44 DIGITAL FACTOR_electroshock 2010
45 MINERVE_Falling [Cinematic Edition by Decayde]
46 BEAT IN ZEN vs NUDE_dreams
48 UNDER ALL_out of mind
49 .CUT VS MALINOU_meet her at the maschinenfest
50 KLONAVENUS_ the loser V2.0
51 THE KICK_blood
52 BIOMEKKANIK_melancholy friend



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