Autodafeh’s New EP and Upcoming Full Album


The EBM giants AUTODAFEH had recently released and EP CD called, “re:elctro”. It quickly made it to the top of the GEWC Charts and received great reviews worldwide. With “re:lectro”, Autodafeh shows a new twist to their EBM skills by trowing back a bit to more traditional electronic sounds and still staying with the modern EBM sound. The band also has some new t-shirts available… really cool! Check the EP and stuff out here>> Sigsaly Transmissions Shop

This EP is highly recommened. Oh!… And get them while you can. The bands debut album “Hunt For Glory” sold out of thier first pressing, and now it seems Autodafeh’s CD’s are becomming collector items! Just like thier forefathers… F242.

And now for even more good news! Autodafeh’s and Sigsaly Transmissions (their label partners) have announce a new full length album, “Identity Unknown” is to be released before the year is over! They tell us that there are some really big surprise guests taking part on the album. I wonder who that might be?!!? 🙂

Check out this hot video of the famous, Anki Rosanna (she danced for Front 242 live).. as she dances to a preview track “Seven Sins”,  from the new album!

Anyone in the mood for a trip to Polland?? I would, but can’t afford it… anyway, Check this out!


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