New Release: K-BEREIT “Distört Neural Unit”


KBRT_DNU K-Bereit is a French hard-edge EBM act. While it may not be part of the neo “old-school” variety, it’s still EBM.. done the French way.

Dominique Lallement (Cobalt 60/Kreigbereit) and Fred Sebastien (Kreigbereit) returned like the Phoenix, rise to offer this unique and new sound to the EBM-Industrial music scene.

Released on the label Sigsaly Transmissions, The Album includes guest appearances by Jacky of SA42, Mika Rossi of Autodafeh, Miss Z of Punish Yourself, Oliver of Dolls of Pain, and with bonus tracks by Psychosomatik & Under All.

The first pressing of this release is on the limited edition, “vinyl” disc. The CD is black and actually look a bit like a vinyl 45″.K-pochette2


K-Bereit Website:

K-Bereit MySpace:


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