New Release: ELITE! – “Totenkopf”


“Work or Riot!” – This is the motto of Pascal Z, vocalist, machinist and programmer of the one-man commando ELITE!. This is why he, a Frenchman who was raised in Düsseldorf, has done mainly one thing during the past months: hard electronic work. His third album with the powerful title “Totenkopf” supplies twelve times tough-minded EBM, the roots of which reach back deep into the eighties and extract pure energy from the glorious times of NITZER EBB, DIE KRUPPS and especially DAF.

The steel-armored, straight and rough ELITE! sound hammers out of the equipment and adds up to clear and solely German-language lyrics about the favored topics of love, sex, work and muscles. Now and then, something sounds familiar, which is totally intended. The track “Der Eisentanz” for example is a great “Mussolini”-adaptation and the musical declaration of war “Volle Kraft zurück” has to be taken as a sign of solidarity – not only regarding the title – with the above-mentioned cult band from the former neighborhood of Düsseldorf.

Despite all hardness, ELITE! maintains a healthy dose of humor and shares it with his EBM colleagues  and EKOBROTTSMYNDIGHETEN, who contributed two remixes to the third ELITE! album.

100 per cent Electronic Body Music from the elite for the elite, to be released on 27.04.2009 and kindly supported by the long-established family business: Electric Tremor Dessau!


01 – Der Abgrund
02 – Der Eisentanz
03 – Harte Liebe
04 – Kantinengirl
05 – Maschinen
06 – Maschinen (1987-Mix by EkoBrottsMyndigheten)
07 – Mein Mädchen (Demo Track)
08 – Mein Mädchen
09 – Muskelmann
10 – Totenkopf
11 – Totenkopf (Frontal Remix)
12 – Volle Kraft Zurueck

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