SA42 To Appear on K-BEREIT Debut Album


K-BEREITFrench EBM act, K-BEREIT has announced that SA42 will make a guest appearance on their new album. K-BEREIT (Formerly of Kreigbereit & Cobalt 60). K-BEREIT / SA42The K-BEREIT album called, “Distort Neural Unit” and will be released on the label, Sigsaly Transmissions. Also appearing the album will be Mika Rossi of Autodafeh, Under All, Psychosomatik, Miss Z of Punish Yourself, Olivier of Dolls Of Pain…K-B BBQ


2 Responses to “SA42 To Appear on K-BEREIT Debut Album”

  1. 1 helosix

    A little update to this. The K-BERET men tell me there are some small delays on the release date.. but this spring/summer for sure! I look forward to it!!

  2. 2 Flona

    ah ben bravo le barbec !! ^^

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