[Interview] SPARK!


EBMunited.com recently had an interview with Mattias of the Swedish EBM act, SPARK!


EBMu: Before we focus on the band, tell us a little about yourselves. Tell us about your history, who are you and what makes you who you are?

Mattias: We both grow up in a small town. Both in working class families. We often discuss old memories and experiences from our childhood, and how everything has shaped ourselves and our personalities.

EBMu: How & why did you guys start the band?

Mattias: We always talked about doing something together, and when we finally did, we really were satisfied with the result. We had our own sound. That’s what was important to us. We didn’t want to sound like another Nitzer Ebb or DAF clone. That has been done.

EBMu: How did you come up with the name SPARK!?

Mattias: It came from nowhere. We wanted a powerful name. ‘Spark’ means ‘kick’, and that’s what we want to deliver. A musical kick. mej1

EBMu: What do you see in the future for Spark!, is the project a major part of your plans for the future? What I mean is, is it your goal to make a career in the music business or just a creative outlet?

Mattias: SPARK! is really a major thing for us. We love it. And a career in the music business is of course a dream. But also, a career in EBM music is very hard. Its an underground genre as you know, and it is very hard to make it we think. There is tons of great EBM bands out there doing a great job. If it happens it happens, but for now its just a way for us to have fun, make the music we love, and get our thoughts and feelings out there.

EBMu: For you, what is the sign of success. As you say, “made it”.. when does this happen?

Mattias: I think we already have succeed. Some people like our music, and hats a great success for me.

EBMu: What are your thoughts on the EBM scene in the places you have traveled, how are they different? How is the scene in Sweden different than the scene in Germany?

Mattias: Germany is just a great country! Very organized and serious. The EBM scene is huge there as well. They take us for real. And we really appreciate it! Sweden is great as well amongst the few who actually book EBM bands. Our country is smaller, and even though there is a lot of really great EBM bands here, the scene is not that big unfortunately.

EBMu: Have you played anywhere else or any other places you would really like to visit and play?131

Mattias: We go back and forth between Sweden and Germany to play. And we really would like to play in different places as well, so we hope we get the change someday to visit more countries!

EBMu: Do you fly back and forth or take a ferry, train… how do you get there and how often are you on the road. I assume you both have day jobs, does this time off effect your day job?

Mattias: Car, train, flight or ferry. It depends. In my case it effects my ordinary job since I work five shift as a Industrial Electrician, and often work weekends – when 99% of the gigs are planned. Stefan works regular daytime hours from Monday-Friday as a Welder and his working hours is a bit more comfortable regarding gigs.

EBMu: Do you think the scene associated with EBM has consequences, bad or good? In other scenes there are sometimes bad or good things associated with them. Maybe violent gang types or political activists… anything like that? To look at images from EBM festivals we see many skinhead types and that can raise suspicion for outsiders. Do you see any potential issues or maybe you can clear the air so to speak.

Mattias: Unfortunately there is a negative attitude. Boots, braces, symbols and short hair immediately draws attention. As a real Skinhead often has to face the people, EBM stompers has to do the same. We are not racists. We don’t do drugs. And we do not eat children.

EBMu: Do you ever see racial or ethnic problem at EBM or scene related events?

Mattias: Nope. I have never experienced anything like that, only the opposite. Friendship, and partying together whatever your ethnic background is! Its like a huge family.

EBMu: Have any great stories to tell from your time traveling to gigs, any crazy stories to share?
Mattias: So many stories – and so little time… (laughs)

EBMu: I can understand that, but does anything stand out in your memory? Maybe someone or something at concert, a drunk bastard… anything?

Mattias: When we played at Familentreffen IV this summer, I had one blue and one yellow sock, representing my country’s colors as the European Championship in Soccer were going on. After the gig, a crazy German guy ran up to me and asked for my socks. He wanted them as a souvenir. I told him that he does NOT want them nasty socks. For real…. He didn’t give up. He really wanted them he said. So I told him that he might have them the day after if I find him. When we had packed and were ready to drive home the  next day, he came running and reminded me about the socks. I gave him the socks. And a Swedish flag. He was SO happy and hugged me and told me he will never forget this! Funny guy. And I am glad that I made him happy!

EBMu: That’s funny. I wonder what he’ll do with the socks? Maybe he’ll find this interview and explain his actions to us…Spark! Mask

Mattias: I hope he washed them at least (laugh)

EBMu: What artists directly influenced your music & do you have any favorites artists?

Mattias: Kraftwerk has influenced me like no other band has.
Stefan: Dewin Townsend. No questions asked.

EBMu: What was the last CD you purchased?

Mattias: Container 90 “World Championshit”

EBMu: When you compose a song do you try to target a certain sound, do you try to make create a particular style?
Mattias: Yes and no. Sometimes I want to create a certain sound. And the other time I just compose and it develops into a product. But in the end it always ends, in what I think a typical SPARK! sound.

EBMu: What type of equipment do you guys use and where do you do most of your recordings?
Mattias: A couple of computers, both Mac and PC. Pro Tools software. Some synthesizers and plugins, mixers, good quality mics, and professional sound interfaces. We record in our studio.

EBMu: Are you working on any other projects with other bands?
Mattias: Besides remixes and some coming collaborations, there is no genuine project with another band.

EBMu: When can we expect an album from Spark?

Mattias: Our new album is coming out the first quarter of 2009. This is going to be a really wide EBM album. It stretches from more Popish songs for the dance floor – to heavy duty killer EBM that has to be felt and experienced live. After all, it is Body Music!

EBMu: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, we wish you the best & EBM United!

For more info on Spark! visit their website: http://www.myspace.com/sparkamig


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