[REVIEW] Turnbull A.C.’s – “Let’s Get Pissed”


Turnbull A.C.'s - "Let's Get Pissed" (OUT302)
Label: Out Of Line
Released: June 13th, 2008
3.5 Stars

Turnbull A.C.’s, as you may recall, was one of the infamous street gangs from the cult classic film, “The Warriors”. It sure is a fitting name in that, Pontus Stålberg (Spetsnaz) and Lars Karlsson bring us a hard hitting full frontal attack of vocals and pure EBM rhythms. The album is excellently produced with crisp and clean production. The CD art is quite impressive as well, and the insert comes with all the lyrics for those of you that love to sing along.

The Turnbull A.C’s are a bit more aggressive than Spetnaz but not all that new though. So don’t expect any radical changes or new directions. The album has some really fun and catchy tracks that will make you want to hold your Jagermeister high and sign along. However, I found much of the album to be a bit boring and If if I close my eyes I would swear i was listening to Nitzer Ebb’s “Showtime”. While the album has all the hallmarks of today’s EBM sounds it still suffers a bit of having every track sounding just like the last. There are a few stand out songs, “We Can Drink Without Having Fun” is as you would surmise from the title, a fun song for a good ole’ EBM party. “Rejected” is a more danceable club style track, that is catchy and will get you moving in your office cubicle. One of my personal favorites is “Twisted”, this track has some substance to it with a more vocal range.

This may not be my favorite album of 2008, it is a clear leader in the EBM Front and deserves the full support of the EBM world. And all said, I am sure the Turnbull A.C’s would kick some asses live!


2 Responses to “[REVIEW] Turnbull A.C.’s – “Let’s Get Pissed””

  1. 1 Fishermang

    I agree with the review! And I can confirm the live part especially. It’s as if this music was made for live concerts, the CD only being a less satisfying version!

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