[REVIEW] Container 90 – “World ChampionShit”


container 90 - world championshit

Container 90 - 'World ChampionShit" (OUT318)
Label: Out Of Line
Released: October 24th, 2008

Where to start…? Well, I would start with, “HELL YES!!” As the first track says, “Strength Through EBM”. This album delivers it pure and true. While some may argue that Container 90 is not really EBM, if you compare it to the EBM forefathers. However, if you mix some old-school punk with old-school EBM in a blender at high speed and you end up with Container 90 all over your walls. This is an album that would appeal to both worlds. “World ChampionShit” brings humor, anger and good fun to your ears. You will want to break out the Doc Martins, put your hands behind your back and start stomping.

Every song on this release is completely unique and a new piece of ear candy. With samples here and there including a few from one of my personal favorite movies, “The Blues Brothers”.  These men touch real subjects such as racism, work, the music industry, drunks, fighting, and parties…music with meaning and purpose.c90finger

I highly recommend this album to everyone and I mean the whole album… not just a few mp3 tracks. You need to buy his CD. Just another “old school” thin about this album is that the album is only complete as a whole.  Once you stick it in your “old-school” CD player and listen to the entire album, you will be hooked and play it over and over.

“I hate Illinois Nazi’s!”


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