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This past weekend Kraftwerk were forced to cancel their Melbourne, Australia show when Fritz Hilpert suffered a minor heart attack, according to a contact at EMI. Apparently feeling unwell in the minutes before the performance, Hilpert underwent an on site medical examination and was advised to check into the hospital. Though hospitalized that night, Fritz […]

French EBM act, K-BEREIT has announced that SA42 will make a guest appearance on their new album. K-BEREIT (Formerly of Kreigbereit & Cobalt 60). The K-BEREIT album called, “Distort Neural Unit” and will be released on the label, Sigsaly Transmissions. Also appearing the album will be Mika Rossi of Autodafeh, Under All, Psychosomatik, Miss Z […]

V2A, an EBM-Electro band from the UK recently signed to the German record label Biohazzard Records (A sub-label of Danse Macabre).  The band recently announced a new album to be called, “Mechanized Infantry” which they plan to release in February 2009. V2A will also be performing live at Elekktroshokk Festival in Germany, April 18th, 2009. […] recently had an interview with Mattias of the Swedish EBM act, SPARK! EBMu: Before we focus on the band, tell us a little about yourselves. Tell us about your history, who are you and what makes you who you are? Mattias: We both grow up in a small town. Both in working class families. […]

Container 90 – ‘World ChampionShit” (OUT318) Label: Out Of Line Released: October 24th, 2008 Where to start…? Well, I would start with, “HELL YES!!” As the first track says, “Strength Through EBM”. This album delivers it pure and true. While some may argue that Container 90 is not really EBM, if you compare it to […]

Turnbull A.C.’s – “Let’s Get Pissed” (OUT302) Label: Out Of Line Released: June 13th, 2008 Turnbull A.C.’s, as you may recall, was one of the infamous street gangs from the cult classic film, “The Warriors”. It sure is a fitting name in that, Pontus Stålberg (Spetsnaz) and Lars Karlsson bring us a hard hitting full […]