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From Falkenberg, Sweden comes SPARK! (Swedish for Kick!). Fast, hard, and clean Old-School EBM-ElectroPunk. Long time friends Mattias & Stefan bring the fun, EBM & Jäger, we just enjoy! Check out the free promotional MP3 download  of “Frihit (Freedom 2008 Remix)” available on thier MySpace site.- EBM United! You can also purchase a limited Edition […]

After reaching the top and holding the DAC (German Alternative Charts) with their first album, on September 11th, 2008 the New York (USA) based band FGFC820 released information about their next album. “Law & Ordnance” is the title. To be released by  NoiTekk(Germany), COP International(N. America) & Gravitator!(Russia) in the fall of this year. No […]

The Belgian EBM band, Darkmen continue to prepare their debut album. The album will be named, “Guilty By Association”and will be the first official release by the duo on their label Machineries of Joy. As of last week, production was completed by Sven Lauwers (Ionic Vision). The album is expected to be released early 2009. […]

Psy’Aviah – “Entertainment Industries” (AM1107) Label: Alfa-Matrix Released: Aug. 29th 2008 Belgian Label Alfa-Matrix recently made me smile when they signed a fresh and relatively new band, Psy’aviah. The band, also from Belgium,  Yves Schelpe (Synths/Programming/Vocals), Emélie Nicolaï (Vocals/Visuals), and Kristof de Clerck (Guitars) started Psy’Aviah back in 2003.  They have been touring Europe for […]

Ionic Vision – “Bitter Isolation” [ION012 – DSBP1089] Label: Machineries of Joy / DSBP N. American Release: July 2008 Ionic Vision is known to be an unstoppable force in the EBM music scene. Ionic Vision continues on track and really do not seem to waiver with their latest full length album. I must admit, I […]

Front 242 will be playing live at the Marbehan (Belgium) based festival Hop N’ Roll on Friday 26 September, 2008.

Hailing from Rostock, Germany JÄEGER 90 is only a day away from officially releasing their debut album, “Muskeln & Küsse” (Muscles & Kisses for those of you that have already forgotten your one year of German). While the album was available for some time already from the band directly, this is the official release under […]

The Belgian Advant-Garde/EBM artists NTRSN (Short for Intrusion) recent released a new music video entitled “Black Hole”. NTRSN is currently working on their debut release to be release on US based label, Sigsaly Transmissions in 2009.

As some of you die hard Nitzer Ebb fans may already be aware, the men have been working on a new album for over a year now. Latest leaks say that the album is pretty much complete. The band is now looking for record labels to partner with to release in a new “creative format”. […]

Today is the first day in what we hope will be the long future of! We hope to bring the EBM bands, clubs and fan from around the world together, united. All forms of Electronic Body Music are supported, Old-School, New-School and everything in between. We are now looking for people interested in joinging […]